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Live History in the Blue Ridge Highlands

From Woodland Indian life and agricultural history to bluegrass and clogging, the Blue Ridge Highlands has a rich cultural history, a history that is told in crafts demonstrations and living history sites around the region. Listen to the stories that made this slice of our great nation. Big Walker Lookout, Wytheville Virginia’s oldest privately-owned scenic […]

Experience the Six Natural Wonders of Southwest Virginia

View of natural gorge at Breaks Interstate Park the Grand Canyon of the South

You may never have the opportunity to see all Seven Natural Wonders of the World. A trip to view the Aurora Borealis may be out of your price range, and visiting Zimbabwe’s Victoria Falls could seriously strain your one week of vacation. Luckily, Virginia’s Blue Ridge Highlands has its own suite of natural wonders — […]

Ten Great Fall Things to Do in Virginia’s Blue Ridge Highlands

New River Fishing

Hawk Watching on the Blue Ridge Parkway Watch broad-winged hawks gliding south along the rocky spine of mountains. After a cool front moves in see the mild blue sky fill with boiling kettles of thousands of broadwings. Experts say Rocky Knob at Milepost 168 near Tuggles Gap is the place go. Grab your binoculars, a […]

Six Excellent Family Adventures in the Blue Ridge Highlands

canoes at hungry mother park

Soar on Hungry Mother’s New Zip Line Hungry Mother State Park is the quintessential state park, offering miles of trails, camping, and lake activities, but the newest activity includes the longest, highest, and fastest zip line in the state of Virginia. With nearly a mile of lines through five sections, flying over valleys and through […]